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Build A bike
The Collabo-Social Challenge

Bike Building Challenge


  • Half day program
  • 8 to 150 participants
  • 8 – 10 people per team (per cycle)
  • Can be run indoors and outdoors


  • Builds team communication skills
  • Strengthens problem-solving
  • Inspires teamwork toward goals
  • Develops resource management skills
  • Promotes time management
  • Customer first approach
  • Fosters big-picture thinking
  • Identifies team strengths


  • Annual events
  • Company picnics
  • Community service days

Armed with wrenches and enthusiasm, your team diligently constructs the ultimate human-powered rocket — a bicycle! Throughout the activities, teammates are navigating challenges to earn enough “chips” to purchase parts to construct your team’s bike.

The final bell rings. You wheel your mechanical marvels to the presentation/start line. Everyone is poised to present their bike and “marketing commercial” to their ‘customers’. You’re tested for not just the speed with which you made, but the quality of your bike. You race your bike with other competitors in the room to see which bike covers the distance in the shortest time. 

Finally, they see purpose. Participants are informed that their bikes would be donated to underprivileged children, who would risk their life traveling to school on bumpy roads. Would you still trust the quality of your work? A whole new purpose dawns upon them as we see them asking for more time to add finishing touches and tightening loose screws to make it road-worthy and not just a make-shift, day-worthy bike.

We take care of all the logistics. Sit back, relax and enjoy the RIDE!