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Game Overview

A fast-paced strategy and decision making game.
Is your team efficient enough to uncover all the mines?

Small team-size of 3 to 5 participants for complete involvements.

Calculated Risk
Time Management

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Key Features

  • Completely Digital
  • Facilitator-led
  • 4 to 500 participants (Multiple teams)
  • Time taken: 2 hours (Including debrief)

Key Learnings

  • Strategy
  • Team cohesion and collaboration
  • While Prioritizing Tasks
  • Helps Decision making with Limited Data
  • Reflection on impact of decisions and improving team strategy
  • Time management
  • Acting under pressure

Overview: Teams must strategize and choose their actions wisely in order to maximize their gain while searching a 15 x 15 slot map for Diamonds… all within limited time.


Team Decision Making

Tablet Friendly