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We at EarthAir tech strive to bring out collaboration, communication, strategy and leadership
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Earth Air Technologies provides Fun and Interactive solutions for Participants, with Serious Learning Frameworks Experiential Learning and Active Learning by design, useful for people across all levels of organizations!

Gamified Solutions

Online Simulations

Virtual Gamified sessions engage each and every participant and fabulously bring out your learning objectives. Carry out an online induction or reconnect after the pandemic; these games are your tools to deliver. Connect with us to know which games serve your needs.

Offline Games

If teams are physically meeting in a room, don’t miss out on these ultra-engaging games that have a combination of strategy, planning, resource utilization, ROI, communication, feedback, influencing skills, collaboration and a ton of fun!


K-12 Content Creation

Content for your Company LMS: Have an LMS in your company? Connect with us to load it with your preferred courses. We even create customized content for your LMS.

Convert your legacy (boring) PPTs into engaging Interactive content

Animation Services

Explainer Videos: You have a product or a service and need to explain it to someone. A video does the job for you.

E-Learning Videos: Convert curriculum into bite-sized videos

Scripting: Leave the scripting to us if you don’t have it ready. 

Storyboarding: We show you a snapshot of what your final video will look like in a series of images with dialogs. This gives you exactly what you need and saves us time in rework.

We’ll cover ways to:

  • Problem-solve.
  • Communicate better.
  • Identify strengths of individual participants.
  • Collaborate better.
  • Realize that departments and individuals within a company can’t act independently of their coworkers. When the group works together, they accomplish a lot more.
  • And have tons of fun in the process.