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Game Rules

Create the perfect string of photos!

Uncover all the mines.

Describe, prioritize and race other teams in this fast-paced communication game.

Up to 99 teams. Recommended: 8+ players / team

20-40 minutes + debrief.

Team gets penalties for each wrong attempt.

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Key Features

  • Completely Online
  • Fully Instructor-led
  • 4 to 800 participants in multiple teams
  • Duration: 1 ½ hours including debrief

Key Learnings

  • Communication Skills and Active Listening
  • Importance of Details in the communication process
  • New challenges of remote communication
  • Engagement and accountability from all the team members
  • Importance of strategizing and organizing the team
  • Importance of having a process to follow
  • Importance of using a shared language and making sure everyone is onboard
  • Understanding different communication styles from the team members
  • Leverages individual skills for the purpose of team achievement
  • Importance of good and effective questioning
  • Drives on effective feedback
  • Requires perseverance and dealing with frustration

Pixtory can be played as an Ice Breaker, or a team building activity. It’s fun enough to be just that. However, it can be SO MUCH more.



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