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Game Rules

Discover the true meaning of impeccable communication in this versatile activity.

Communicate with intent descriptive feedback ask critical question paraphrase to validate.

10-15 minutes per round maximum 10 rounds available.

Recommended: 3 rounds per game 

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What you say vs. What they hear

Key Features

  • Completely Digital
  • Engaging and Instructor-led
  • 4 to 800 participants in multiple teams
  • 75 minutes + Debrief
  • Apt for employees who work in silos

Key Learnings

  • Clarity and precision
  • Communication, questioning, feedback
  • Team building
  • Active Listening
  • Say what you mean. Mean what you say

Replica consists of extremely fun and engaging active listening team building exercises, where participants engage to create an exact copy of a design.

On this active listening team building exercises each team consists of one Narrator who is assigned an image that they need the rest of the team to create a replica of. Through active questioning and feedback, participants will truly discover the importance and key skills needed to master the art of impeccable communication.