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Game Rules

Whether getting to know each other brainstorming or creating moments of reflection, help participants express themselves using images as reference.

Make associations, Use visual aids, Stay on points, Express complexity, Support brainstorming

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Expressive is a highly versatile & engaging activity

Key Objectives

  • 100% Digital
  • Completely Instructor-led
  • 2 to unlimited participants
  • Play for multiple rounds
  • Flexible timing

Key Learnings -

  • Ice breakers and introduction moments

  • Brainstorming and idea sharing

  • Reflecting on learning points

  • Drawing conclusions at the end of sessions

  • Support for coaching sessions

  • Visual aids to unblock mind and trigger thoughts and emotions

  • Breakdown and simplify complex thoughts and ideas

  • Drive engagement

  • Have fun!

Expressive provides participants with 50 unique artistic images which help them make instant associations with their experiences, emotions, aspirations, realities and much more.


Express your thoughts

Tablet Friendly